Meaningful marketing helps drive positive changes in society. The Belgian Marketing Awards identify and celebrate outstanding meaningful marketing by companies and individuals. We reward successful, meaningful, customer centric transformations and innovations, delivered by marketers who are at the cutting-edge of their profession.

These awards were founded by Belgium’s six leading business- and marketing organizations: ACC, BAM, BABM, BMMA, CUBE and UMA.

Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2020 - Delhaize 

In 2017 Delhaize realized that they were doomed to lose if they continued to join the race to the bottom.

Instead of focusing on short-term victories, the whole company dared to shift the strategy based on a long-term vision.

Putting back the consumer at the center, Delhaize defined again what the brand stands for  ‘we believe better eating is at the heart of better living’.

That’s why all the departments  focused on creating high value for the consumer by putting this purpose into action.

A lot of initiatives were taken : from small ones internally to more fundamental ones like the review of the loyalty program incorporating the ‘health positioning’.

All this resulted in strong evolution of brand differentiation and strong business results since 3 years.



Young Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2020 - SPOTT

Spott has been able to turn a growth mindset into a global growth story. Thanks to a go-to-market strategy that is centered around "the best way to sell is not to sell at all", Spott is currently working together with platforms that bring together innovators & early adopters. We have been able to identify these groups by working with the datapools on social media, by building out a solid affiliate network, as well as strong referral incentives creating a solid product lead growth. After having been voted Belgian scale up of the year in 2019, we are currently working hard on raising awareness at a global level towards our target audience. 


Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year 2020 - Sophie Pollet

Telco is a competitive market driven mostly by innovation and product superiority. Next to the big residential part, B2B is an important growth market. Telenet built a strong brand in the residential market, but as a challenger in the business market, how can you differentiate yourself? Choosing the path of customer intimacy requires a clear vision, turning a product centric organization into a customer centric one and a strong brand to bring this positioning to life. Building the Telenet Business brand started from within, from engaging with all employees and bringing customer intimacy to life. While building our new brand and commercial success, a shockwave hit us. How to deal with the impact of a crisis and how a brand can be more meaningful than ever.

Sophie Pollet

Because meaningful marketing needs to be rewarded.