Meaningful marketing helps drive positive changes in society. The Belgian Marketing Awards identify and celebrate outstanding meaningful marketing by companies and individuals. We reward successful, meaningful, customer centric transformations and innovations, delivered by marketers who are at the cutting-edge of their profession.

These awards were founded by Belgium’s six leading business- and marketing organizations: ACC, BAM, BABM, BMMA, CUBE and UMA.


Meet our finalists

Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2021 - Alpro 

The Alpro story starts way back in the 80s, with a crazy dream to win everyone’s heart and mind for a more sustainable, plant-based diet. Healthy, sustainable, tasty food. That’s what we’re talking about.

We call ourselves “cheerleaders”, encouraging everybody to make small changes in their daily lives, no big gestures, but perfectly imperfect little changes, like eating plant-based a bit more often, that together have a HUGE impact on your health and that of our planet!

Our main categories are plant-based drinks and alternatives to yoghurt, cream and desserts.



Young Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2021 - Kazidomi

Kazidomi is a Belgian e-commerce platform that offers healthy, organic, ethical, and environment-friendly products to its customers. We have more than 4.000 products in different categories such as food, beauty and personal care, food supplements, home care, etc. We have a membership system for 80€/ year that offers many advantages such as discounts on all the products and shipping costs, gifts in each order, access to an advantage portal with partners, access to special promotions etc.


Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year 2021 - Kris Michiels

Always working from my personal purpose: “building new worlds, where people can live
pure, simple and healthy lives”. 15+ years of experience in shopper and brand marketing.
Started my career in a start-up evangelizing data-driven marketing and content strategies.

5 years ago, started managing our Refreshment business (general P&L management and
marketing director) with brands such as Lipton Ice Tea, Pukka, Magnum, Ola. Always had a
strong focus on Experience Marketing. Had the opportunity to launch an own beverage
brand from scratch. Currently running the full Foods&Refreshment business while leading
our agile marketing transformation, the marketing upskilling agenda, the roll-out of our
Get on the Frontline philosophy, and the Digital Hub. External advisor in organizations
linked to (digital) growth hacking and circular economy. Strong interest in the
inequality/poverty topic. Daily gym to compensate for my love of food and sweets.

Kris Michiels

Because meaningful marketing needs to be rewarded.