Game changers help drive positive changes in society. The Belgian Marketing Awards identify and celebrate outstanding game changing innovations by companies and individuals. We reward successful, meaningful, customer centric transformations and innovations, delivered by marketers who are at the cutting-edge of their profession.

These awards were founded by Belgium’s seven leading business- and marketing organizations: ACC, BAM, BABM, BMMA, CUBE, UBA and UMA.

Winners 2023

Lucien José Fernandez Spadel

Young Belgian Marketing Company of the Year - Lucien 

Lucien is a retail chain active in the booming bike market. Founded in February of 2022, Lucien is still the new kid on the (bike) block. One that’s been highly active in M&A though, as it has grown from 0 to 16 stores in less than 18 months.

With the promise to take care of cyclists (‘soigneert fietsers’), Lucien aims to deliver on the full customer lifecycle: from (online) informing and finding the right bike based on your needs, over purchasing the bike and accessories, to aftersales support like maintenance and repair of your bike.

Its main competitors are traditional neighborhood bike stores, emerging bike retail chains (Bike Republic and Raida) and online players (Mantel and Bikester).

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Belgian Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year - José Fernandez

Three drivers have shaped my career, and consequently the way I preach and practice marketing:
1) A fusion of tech enthusiasm and adept people management skills.
2) A balance of immediate outcomes and a future-oriented long-term perspective.
3) A leadership style that combines high ambitions with humility.
I have occupied senior leadership positions, both at the agency side (Actito, Digitas/LBi (Publicis), Dentsu) and at the advertiser side (Vandemoortele, and today as CMO at D’Ieteren Automotive).
In my current role, I am overviewing the customer experience and all digital and marketing activities at D’Ieteren for our 27 brands, including some very iconic ones: VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat, Cupra, Lamborghini, Bentley… and our diversified product and service line in mobility: Lucien (bikes), Poppy (car sharing), Taxis Verts & Husk (passenger transport), and EDI (energy and electrification).
Today, D’Ieteren Automotive has embraced a new vision: building seamless and sustainable mobility for everyone.


Belgian Marketing Company of the Year : Spadel

Spadel is a Belgian family company which operates in several European countries. In 2022, we achieved a turnover of 320 million€ and employed 1,329 people.

We produce and market natural mineral water brands, spring waters, and refreshing drinks based on natural mineral water: Spa and Bru in the Benelux, Devin in Bulgaria, Wattwiller and Carola in France.

From its inception, the company has championed a regional approach: a leading yet human-scale position in the natural beverages industry, regional anchoring of its brands, absolute respect for the territory of its sources & the natural qualities of its waters, and a focus on minimizing its ecological footprint.

Our direct main competitors are large multinationals: Nestlé, Danone and The Coca-Cola Company. Our indirect competitors are tap water suppliers and Sparkling device suppliers (e.g. SodaStream of the PepsiCo company).

In this categorie

- the silver award was elected to : FlexiQ (visit the website)

- the bronze award was elected to: Goodless (visit the website)

In this categorie

- the silver award was elected to : Wim Vermeulen & Cédric Cauderlier

Cédric Cauderlier was also given the award for Excellence in Data and MarTech, offered by Deloitte.

In this categorie

- the silver award was elected to : Edgard & Cooper (visit the website)

- the bronze award was elected to: LolaLiza (visit the website)


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Winners 2022

Lise Conix Brauzz Alken Maes

Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year 2022 - Lise Conix (Schoenen Torfs)

With a mission to empower and a large dose of gentleness, I have been working as marketing director and sustainability manager at family-owned Schoenen Torfs for over ten years. Born in Zimbabwe, the daughter of parents who worked for Artsen zonder grenzen, I grew up with an open mind and great social commitment. I can put that commitment fully into practice in my job as sustainability manager, but also as marketing director. A marketer can touch the hearts of customers and bring about change in behavior, which is a great responsibility, but also a challenge. No wonder I see it as my mission to help both our 700 employees and our customers stand strong in their shoes and to be a company with a big heart that not only wants to create financial profit, but also to grow value in other areas.

Young Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2022 - Brauzz

BRAUZZ. is a fast-growing start-up disrupting the conventional cleaning industry. We offer a range of innovative, effective, and eco-friendly, ultra-concentrated household products that eliminate disposable plastic, water transport, and harmful ingredients. BRAUZZ.’s mission is to make sustainable consumption possible for everyone by developing and
selling innovative products that do not compromise on convenience, price, and quality. Our ambition is to become the go-to sustainable household brand, competing with mainstream retail brands. BRAUZZ. is mainly focused on direct-to-consumer e-commerce
but pursues an omnichannel approach to enable as many consumers as possible to make the switch and democratize sustainability.

Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2022 - Alken Maes 

Alken-Maes is the 2nd largest brewer in Belgium, employing 609 people (in August 2022) & today part of the Heineken group. We have a portfolio of 14 beer & cider brands playing across a broad range of segments in the market: pils (Cristal, Maes, Heineken), strong blond (Hapkin, Judas), abbey & trappist (Grimbergen, Postel, Ciney, Affligem), kriek/fruit/ geuze (Mort Subite), scotch ale (Watneys), flavoured beer (Desperados), Nonalcoholic (in pils & specialty), cider (Strongbow, Stassen).
Our main competitors are ABInbev (52,6% value market share in YTD July) and Duvel Moortgat (9,2% value market share July YTD); we hold a value market share of 9,6% YTD1.
Some of the biggest competitors of our brands are Jupiler and Stella (in pils), Duvel, Chouffe, Tripel Karmeliet (in strong blond), Leffe (in abbey & trappist).

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Winners 2021

Kris michiels kazidomi Alpro

Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year 2021 - Kris Michiels

Always working from my personal purpose: “building new worlds, where people can live pure, simple and healthy lives”. 15+ years of experience in shopper and brand marketing. Started my career in a start-up evangelizing data-driven marketing and content strategies.5 years ago, started managing our Refreshment business (general P&L management and marketing director) with brands such as Lipton Ice Tea, Pukka, Magnum, Ola. Always had a strong focus on Experience Marketing. Had the opportunity to launch an own beverage brand from scratch. Currently running the full Foods&Refreshment business while leading our agile marketing transformation, the marketing upskilling agenda, the roll-out of our Get on the Frontline philosophy, and the Digital Hub. External advisor in organizations linked to (digital) growth hacking and circular economy. Strong interest in the inequality/poverty topic. Daily gym to compensate for my love of food and sweets.

Young Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2021 - Kazidomi

Kazidomi is a Belgian e-commerce platform that offers healthy, organic, ethical, and environment-friendly products to its customers. We have more than 4.000 products in different categories such as food, beauty and personal care, food supplements, home care, etc. We have a membership system for 80€/ year that offers many advantages such as discounts on all the products and shipping costs, gifts in each order, access to an advantage portal with partners, access to special promotions etc.

Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2021 - Alpro 

The Alpro story starts way back in the 80s, with a crazy dream to win everyone’s heart and mind for a more sustainable, plant-based diet. Healthy, sustainable, tasty food. That’s what we’re talking about. We call ourselves “cheerleaders”, encouraging everybody to make small changes in their daily lives, no big gestures, but perfectly imperfect little changes, like eating plant-based a bit more often, that together have a HUGE impact on your health and that of our planet! Our main categories are plant-based drinks and alternatives to yoghurt, cream and desserts.

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Winners 2020

Sophie Pollet Spott Delhaize

Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year 2020 - Sophie Pollet

Telco is a competitive market driven mostly by innovation and product superiority. Next to the big residential part, B2B is an important growth market. Telenet built a strong brand in the residential market, but as a challenger in the business market, how can you differentiate yourself? Choosing the path of customer intimacy requires a clear vision, turning a product centric organization into a customer centric one and a strong brand to bring this positioning to life. Building the Telenet Business brand started from within, from engaging with all employees and bringing customer intimacy to life. While building our new brand and commercial success, a shockwave hit us. How to deal with the impact of a crisis and how a brand can be more meaningful than ever.

Young Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2020 - SPOTT

Spott has been able to turn a growth mindset into a global growth story. Thanks to a go-to-market strategy that is centered around "the best way to sell is not to sell at all", Spott is currently working together with platforms that bring together innovators & early adopters. We have been able to identify these groups by working with the datapools on social media, by building out a solid affiliate network, as well as strong referral incentives creating a solid product lead growth. After having been voted Belgian scale up of the year in 2019, we are currently working hard on raising awareness at a global level towards our target audience. 

Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2020 - Delhaize

In 2017 Delhaize realized that they were doomed to lose if they continued to join the race to the bottom. Instead of focusing on short-term victories, the whole company dared to shift the strategy based on a long-term vision. Putting back the consumer at the center, Delhaize defined again what the brand stands for  ‘we believe better eating is at the heart of better living’. That’s why all the departments  focused on creating high value for the consumer by putting this purpose into action. A lot of initiatives were taken : from small ones internally to more fundamental ones like the review of the loyalty program incorporating the ‘health positioning’. All this resulted in strong evolution of brand differentiation and strong business results since 3 years.


Brave marketing, big rewards.